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  • dmochama followed Arduino channel 19 days ago
  • Every Liter Counts! Arduino Water Doser "Shield"

    Hi, can you do the same for a fuel dispensor but this time you use a Keypad to input the Amount of money ant the system will calaculate automatically how many Liters/Milliters the money is equivalnet to.

    Am not doing it for commercial purposes, am building a water recycling project back home in Kenya, where there alot of shortage of water. Now what we have done is dug a Borehole, and I was trying to come up with a cheaper way to make a system that people can use to buy water based on the amount of money they have. That's why I used an example of a fuel dispenser. Your system will work very fine only that will need to add a Keypad and the place written SP we replace with the amount of money keyed in.

    Thatst really good work i must say

    Actually I don't want to use a sensor I want to use time to measure volume being dispensed. For example if a liter takes 20 milliseconds to dispense. What will happen is that when I input the price for a liter, it will dispense a liter.

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