Dominic Luciano was born on October 24, 1992 in Paradise, California, and not long after his birth he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. This, however, was the primary start of his musical career, leading him to play the piano as a form of physical therapy at the age of 2. Several years later he began taking classical lessons. In April of 2005, Dominic was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type 2. He has since had three brain surgeries, and a recent fourth brain stem surgery. Although the surg... Read More »
  • domiluciano commented on Omega2's instructable DIY Dentistry2 months ago
    DIY Dentistry

    I live in PHX too and have spent the last 6 months semi-homeless until recently when I was able to buy a house. But dentistry and dental work has been hard to get as my insurance doesn't cover here yet. A couple of my front teeth have severely decayed and need to be built up. Any chance as a local you could give me this info?

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  • domiluciano commented on TSJWang's instructable DIY $5 USBTinyISP3 years ago
    DIY $5 USBTinyISP

    Didn't work. I keep getting this error from Windows. And yes, the drivers are installed, and yes, I followed all your instructions exactly. "A request for the USB device descriptor failed"

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