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  • dotbox commented on Toglefritz's instructable WiFi Controlled Camera Slider8 weeks ago
    WiFi Controlled Camera Slider

    What's the total outlay for parts to build this unit? Seems that it might well be better to just buy one. I'd rather shoot pictures than manufacture equipment.

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  • dotbox commented on The Unknown Chef's instructable Upcycle a Hard Drive Into a Clock4 months ago
    Upcycle a Hard Drive Into a Clock

    I just ordered some of those clock kits from Banggood for under $1.50 shipping paid. Not bad if you're not in a hurry to get them. There are lots of different styles and colors of hands to choose from, too! I guess I need to order a few more buck worth now that I've found that box of old hard drives I knew I'd find a use for. Wouldn't hurt to use the backside of an old motherboard for a clock or part of the front bezel of a case, either. Ouch! The ideas keep coming!

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  • How to Make the Perfect Steak (Steak Frites)

    I'm with gm280 regarding seasoning and sauces. Why tamper with the delicious, natural flavor of meat? Pepper and other spices were originally needed to cover the flavor of rancid foods before there was proper storage and refrigeration. The only enhancement I add to fresh beef is just a touch of salt. Otherwise, properly cooked, rare to medium rare, the flavor of meat is what you've paid for and shouldn't be tampered with. Also, if you must cook it in an iron pan, rather than a grill or broiling, grapeseed oil has a higher smoke point than both olive oil or the least healthy, rapeseed oil (aka, canola oil).

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      • Ammo Can Solar Power Supply
      • Passive Solar Garage Door
      • DIY Solar Garage
  • Free TV! the Makings of a Frankenstein Antenna

    I agree, the dish has minimal effect other than catching the wind. More effective home-built units include a vertical wire grid made of robust fence wire. There's a character in Georgia, Donny S. Hodges, who, though he's no engineer, has designed his own version of this "whisker" type antenna that he sells and is proven quite effective. Search for "How to Make the Ultimate Antenna." You might want to change some of the components, but the configuration is effective and he shows his tests to demonstrate it.

    Clear TV is no different from any other antenna. The ones similar and better than this one on YouTube will do the same, but are just slightly different configurations. The only improvement beyond the design of the antenna is it's height and direction. I suggest that improving height is the easiest way to add reception once direction is known, although in some areas, I might still be necessary to rotate the unit if the various sources are spread widely round the horizon. Some designs can tend to only receive from more narrow directions. That's why the better antennas include motors to rotate them.

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  • dotbox commented on barclay5426's instructable Sculpted Oak Desk6 months ago
    Sculpted Oak Desk

    Really beautifully conceived and executed!You have the seed of what could easily become a whole line of furniture. Easily convert this to a sewing table by removing the upper shelf. Any modern styles of sewing machine would sit proudly atop this desk! It's likely you could engineer the mechanism to hide the machine and a folding extension to cover it. If this is your design, you shouldn't stop with just this first piece. I usually scoff at claims of art, but this really is quite beautiful and unique.Keep going!

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  • Free TV! the Makings of a Frankenstein Antenna

    For more information about DIY antennas, some finer points, look up hilarious Danny S. Hodges. TVFOOL is another a good site to check your map, too.

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  • dotbox commented on Lewisre's instructable Towel Rack or Coat Rack7 months ago
    Towel Rack or Coat Rack

    Do those pipe things come in different colors?

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  • dotbox commented on Jake_Makes's instructable Hatchet Restoring (Viking-ish)7 months ago
    Hatchet Restoring (Viking-ish)

    Two tips:1. Remove less material. Start with at least 48 hr. soak in vinegar. Then bathe in with soap/water before you "amend any of its mass." (My advice.)2. For much more, look up YouTuber, WranglerStar. He's one of the best resources for this subject. He collects almost any type of vintage ax, hatchet, saw, etc. No non-sense, but amiable guy. Don't forget to Like, Comment, Share and tell him I sent you.

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  • dotbox commented on fixthisbuildthat's instructable 5 Ways to Print on Wood8 months ago
    5 Ways to Print on Wood

    None of these methods is really printing on wood. They are what has been, for a long time, called "transfers" The closest to printing on wood might be the laser, but even that is not really printing; it's closer to etching as it is burning, removing material. The these are or are close to the method popular in the '70s used by crafters to decorate wooden cheese or jewelry boxes, purses and furniture using photos or images clipped from magazines.

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  • dotbox commented on DavidB685's instructable DHC-1 Chipmunk12 months ago
    DHC-1 Chipmunk

    Build, adaptation and presentation, very nicely done (even if it doesn't fly!). Good to see this is still being done. Thanks for the memories.

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  • dotbox commented on wold630's instructable How to Make Brown Sugar1 year ago
    How to Make Brown Sugar

    This is just coloring the white sugar. Real brown sugar is just a by-product of the refining process, just as is molasses. Dark and light sugar are less processed obtaining the white sugar and leaving the molasses which actually contains many healthful nutrients and components that make up the flavors of the cane, beet or other source of the juice that was used.Molasses retains a strong flavor which some mistake for bitterness, but there is no bitterness at that point. Another by-product is the "Cane Syrup" sometimes eaten on pancakes and Light or Dark "Karo Syrup" which also come from different phases of processing.

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  • The ULTIMATE DIY Camera Slider

    Music video? Not the ultimate...

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