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  • drj62783 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Small Hardware Storage Bins1 year ago
    Small Hardware Storage Bins

    use a razor knife to score it then snap it like glass place dowel under the score and put pressure on both sides until it breaks quick easy with no mess you can cut glass the same way just use a glass cutter

    i made this screw caddie with your suggested mods so now i dont need to think about earth-quacks anymore.

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  • drj62783 commented on D10D3's instructable Make a Real Feather Writing Quill1 year ago
    Make a Real Feather Writing Quill

    take a cup of coffee grounds to 2 quarts water steep for an hour or so "not boiling or it will make a mess" put an iron nail in the mix let sit for a few days strain with coffee filter and simmer the liquid untill its gel like now you have nice dark brown ink and its non toxic ink. you can use oak gulls insted of coffee

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  • drj62783 commented on mikeasaurus's instructable 11 Unusual Uses for Coffee1 year ago
    11 Unusual Uses for Coffee

    works even better for stain if you put an iron nail in it let it sit 2 or 3 days even longer if you like strain it with coffee filter into a pot heat on low to thicken. But if you heat it to long it will be more like a thick gel or brown ink. so take a feather and cut the tip off at an angle put a slit up it about a 1/2 in or so to make an ink pen check out this instructable

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  • Super Bright Tunable Led Light Panels

    do you have a yard with space

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  • drj62783 commented on guyfrom7up's instructable Free Energy1 year ago
    Free Energy

    they are the same the ground for your three prong plug and the neutral wires connect together at your main breaker box and then to the ground through a grounding rod or water pipes so yes the literal ground and three feet deep is fine

    if prNewton's laws of motion

    what do you mean free energy? once you pay to build or buy the device it produces energy until it breaks then you buy more parts to fix it. energy is not generated or made you dumb as# energy is converted from one form to another. solar panels are free energy at least once you build/buy everything to set it up. energy is free and all around us but gathering storing and converting it cost. even if you just pick up the stuff off the ground to build it such a device your using energy that cost to produce it. and perpetual motion machines are real take the earth for example once started it hasn't stopped yet and no one can prove that it will ever stop at least until we destroy it

    in the 18 and 19 century a battery is a group of capacitors

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