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  • That's exactly right. I enjoy reloading because I can go to the garage and lose myself in the accuracy and repetition of everything. Without hurrying too much, I can make about 30 rounds an hour. The thing about reloading is that you can get better accuracy. by experimenting with different powders and bullets you can see what your rifle prefers. This, combined with a tikka t3 and a burris fulfield II, I have been able to achieve a clover pattern, 3 holes touching, at a little past 225 yards and have hit milk jugs at over 700 yards with a .270 winchester.

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  • reloading tool prices will depend on the brand you go with; however, the entire set up will cost about $550 for a basic, but good, set of rcbs tools. The cost of reloading a round vs. buying a round is about half the price if you pay retail price for all the components. Brass can be fired and reloaded about 5 times out of a .270 Winchester before you will have to acquire more brass. so if you are serious about competition shooting you cannot beat the accuracy for the price you pay and you will feel better about practicing more often.

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