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  • edmanep commented on aCuriousCreator's instructable Waxed Canvas Laptop Sleeve1 year ago
    Waxed Canvas Laptop Sleeve

    I'm not familiar with waxed canvas but love the look and want to use it for waterproof projects. Does it feel<\i> waxy/greasy when finished?

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  • edmanep commented on timberanew's instructable Portable Benchtop Spring Pole Lathe2 years ago
    Portable Benchtop Spring Pole Lathe

    Yeah I'd seen that sliding door and others. I also had no luck finding good (realistic cheap) plans for a door like yours out of pallet wood. Thanks so much for the effort in looking.

    Resourceful! I WILL be making one! Thanks for the inspiration ! But I have an off-topic question... did you make the door to your shed from pallet wood? Have you plans or an Instructable for it?

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