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    Rotational Casting Machine

    I did figure a way to attach a crank. You can drill holes in the pvc pipe and a the pvc couplers, then use a sturdy nut and bolt to lock it in place. Doing two perpendicular to each other in eases the strength and stability of the crank. It also means you can remove the crank if you need to. Keeping the crank close to the side of the machine ups the leverage so you don't need to work as hard to turn the thing.

    That's the kind of belt I used. I'll have to try this to see if I can get it to work. I also used it to go around the two big pulleys to make sure the grip was good and wouldn't stretch out. Yay, steel core.

    You strap the mold to the two support beams in the middle. I used ratcheting straps because they go on easy and come off quickly.

    The .mov file didn't work. But the motor seems like a great idea. It'd be cool to see how fast it spins the machine. And is it powerful enough to spin the machine with a fairly heavy mold. It's such a big thing it'd be a shame if you couldn't use the full size of it.

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