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  • I have a question for you ive got an olx vacume tube clock radio that when ever i plug it in the radio starts right away with a tiny buzz on the speaker but as the tubes warm up the buzz gets louder and deeper to a point its very loud i cannot get the radio do anything but do this loud humming (very loud) the clock works perfectly the radios power supply seems to pass through the clock (the clock allarm can turn on the radio instead of a buzzer/bell) any clue as to why this is happening

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  • Hello everyone ive been considering building one of these vacume tube amplifiers for some time now i find these are intreging devices (vacume tubes are far beyond my time ive never had the pleasure of working with them before) now heres the canumdrum how would i know the output power of the amp or what impedance for the speakers? Im not very experienced with scematics so any reccamindations?

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