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      • HYBRID CREATURES: DIY Ink Stamps - 1st Grade Tinkering - Week 10
      • Rube Goldberg Inspired Marble Roll - 1st Grade Tinkering - Week 8
      • Idea Explosion Thinking Caps - 1st Grade Tinkering - Week 9
  • We started "Tinkering" with the second lesson since it was easier to gather materials, then put out a letter to parents to collect the cylindrical rolls. I rotated all three first grade classes through the lesson and instantly became their "hero!" The students had a blast and have been dying to Tinker again. They have been counting the days until tomorrow when we will explore lesson one. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas!! The excitement is so rewarding and the students keep applying phonics lessons to that word. When the the bossy "r" was introduced - half my class said "Like in tinker" You have definitely made a difference in our world, thank you!

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