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  • gareyn commented on TimAnderson's instructable Yurt Without Steel3 years ago
    Yurt Without Steel

    Good site. I am preparing to build a yurt up here in Alberta. Can use all the info I can get my hands on . I would really appreciate it if you could send me the hole spacing for the lattice walls. I don't want to mess that up . Any knowledge on the rafters would be good as well. Thanks in advance

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  • gareyn commented on romanursuhack's instructable How to Make DIY Heated Insoles3 years ago
    How to Make DIY Heated Insoles

    So where are the instructables ??? Lots of pictures. But I'm not clairvoyant . And besides , you can buy these allready made up and with a HEAT CONTROL

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  • gareyn commented on i.hate.karl.kilburn's instructable DIY Micro Camper3 years ago
    DIY Micro Camper

    I am surprised to see you using OSB for any outside surface. When it gets wet it expands . For my money . Spend the extra $$$ and go with plywood. Other than that, NICE JOB

    Yeah Maybe there is waterproof OSB, but I'm a bit leary about OSB PERIOD. The surface MAY be waterproof , but what about the edges? That is where the moisture gets in. Paint may help for a while , but I would still go with plywood. I went so far as to use plywood on my house when I was building it . Sure it cost me a bit more, but I know what I have . I will not use OSB. It's a product made from wood scraps , you know , Garbage . And the lumber companies are profiting from it. Rubs me the wrong way . But to each his own rite?

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  • gareyn commented on milesnorth's instructable When is a yurt NOT a yurt?3 years ago
    When is a yurt NOT a yurt?

    There are people living year round in yurts in Alaska. Look um up on youtube.

    A few things you missed. A band or CABLE around the top of the wall when erected . This is what gives the walls their strength. Without it you GET what you GOT. Don't be discouraged . You can find ALL KINDS of videos on that wonderful thing called the internet . Do a little research , and give it another try. I'm sure the next attempt will be much more successful. HAVE FUN

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