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  • gasher commented on Robin Lewis's instructable Wooden Mallet Using Dowels2 years ago
    Wooden Mallet Using Dowels

    I don't think I need a mallet at this point in time in my life... BUT, I did watch your video and read through your 'able because you clearly did an excellent job producing it. Fantastic creative way to share. I'll let you know when I need a mallet ;) GREAT WORK!

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  • Mobile Workbench With Built-in Table & Miter Saws

    Looks like a great bench! My only concern (as an electrician) was that the NMD wiring you used for your outlets isn't mechanically protected from getting dinged when you throw stuff under your bench. It would be a great use for BX / Armoured Cable or you could protect that wiring by running it in conduit or routing out a channel in piece of 2"x4" you could mount over it.Nice project! :)

    Romex is a brand name for Non-Metallic sheathed cable for Dry Conditions (NMD). Because it doesn't have a sheath that protects the wires from mechanical damage it needs to be protected (Usually this is used indoors and in walls where it is protected). Where there is a possibility of mechanical damage you move to protecting with conduit or with Type AC "Armoured Cable" (Old trade name BX). the metal sheath of this cable protects the wires from mechanical damage...Hope that's helpful.

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