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  • genevammills commented on NightHawkInLight's instructable How to Make HUGE Bubbles3 years ago
    How to Make HUGE Bubbles

    we made this bubble mixture, following your recipe that i found on youtube actually, as i'm sure you know... i commented there too! we made tons of bubble wands, all different sizes, shapes, and materials and then i then took my daughter to the park... next thing we knew, all the kids at the park that day spent hours playing with this incredible magic mixture! we went, time and time was just too much fun watching all the kids and there smiles of extreme bubble joy! we also love all the other science tutorials you offer! i was happy to find you on instructables!

    too funny! i just posted the same info regarding "nighthawk" and how fierce public curiosity is! I have gone out, on my own, to play with my bubbles! never fails! these bubbles draw a crowd!

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