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  • commented on rgco's instructable Arduino Soundlab
    Arduino Soundlab

    Hi rgco,thank you for the quick answer.It is correct, the sensors are set to active high, but this could be changed. But it might be less effort to change the settings for the input pins in the sketch. However, i have no idea how to do this. Could you please tell me, how i must change the code ( the lines "if(pinD0 != nokey){DDRD &=~(1<<0);PORTD |=(1<<0);}; ???)" for the pins? For changing activation from active low to high i assume, that i have to interchange the values for "keypressed" and "keyreleased". Is this correct?Thank you for answering again.Gerhard

    Hi Rolf,thank you again. I'm sorry, i did not inform you that i want to use your first version of the synth with only 19 buttons. As far as i understand the connection diagramm, these buttons connect to ground when pressed. I'm afraid the touch sensors could be destroyed when connecte to vcc via the internal pullup-restor of 10k . How can i change the definition of a pin to "INPUT" without "PULLUP"?What i did not mention too:My intension is to build three synths (e. g. three arduino nano), connected to a guitar-like keyboard with three "strings". For each "string" up to 14 keys are enough. Each synth may be monophon.Cheers, Gerhard

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