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  • ?i made up this project but some problem was arise.1) I connect 24v supply instead of pv serial monitor they show me around 29v and i not connect battery then they show me battery voltage and pwm is 100% it is not change. i check circuit more then 5 time it is ok and i do lots of try to get proper result but i was not find any fault.My ir2104 is working or not i can`t find, i give to ic 12v supply from external supply.and mosfet was no conducting. please any one having solution then give it to me.

    I was try this circuit without connecting any load on load pin and battery on the battery pin.It is make any scene on the get pulse on the serial time i make all set up but i can't get any output in this set up i connect my bike battery and in load pin i connect one 12v dc motor but a that time in serial monitor there will be 0 % duty cycle and charging sate is off.

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