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  • That is true, yes. But I'm not talking about charging the battery. I'm saying that there is no overDIScharge protection. Basically, if you drain the battery too much, IT WILL DIE. So you need some protection circuit to take care of that. :)

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  • Yeah. It's a good idea :). I was not aware of this. Thank you for advice.

    Just looked it up. The price goes up quite a bit. LT1389 part costs 8.24€ and LT1495 costs 7.5€ in a local electronics store. That's pretty expensive for me. Maybe buying it from china would be cheaper...

    In the article is shown a scheme of ultra low power li-ion undervolt protection. I'll try to build it sometime in the future. Maybe even create an instructable myself, if I manage to get the parts. Anyway, it would be interesting to try :)

    I am from Lithuania. A small country in north-east europe. By the way, I looked into Li-ion protection circuits, and it looks like just a Zener diode instead of proper circuit might be a bad idea, because of voltage drops, etc. I myself do not quite understand all of the theory, however I found this article. .

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  • Yeah, I can talk about a lot of things. But to write a complete article... I'm just a twelfth grader, and do not know so much details, that would be necessary to write a complete article. I can talk to people though, help them in forums, and in other ways :). Sorry for grammar mistakes (if there is any). English is not my first language.

    There are plenty of articles of this topic. No need to write another one. And I would probably be unable to do so anyways.

    By the way, I thought of doing project similar to this, but in the end didn't for the same reason as I mentioned. Most boost converters work in 1-5V range, so battery without protection would instantly die. Maybe I'll try searching for converters that do have a low voltage cut off, or buy a protection circuit.

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  • I was not aware of this. If it actually works as you explained, then everything's good. Nevertheless, people should know about dangers of using unprotected li-ion cells.

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