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  • gilbert_57 commented on ShakeTheFuture's instructable Make Jewelry From Glass Bottles3 years ago
    Make Jewelry From Glass Bottles

    Be careful mixing the different types of bottle glass that you use for this kind of project. The coefficient of expansion (COE) may range anywhere from 40 to 88 or so. Basically it means that the glass at 40 COE expands and contracts at a different rate than the 88 COE and the pendant that you made could crack, break apart suddenly or shatter. Yes, you might get lucky and get a couple of pieces of glass from two bottles that have the same COE, but unless you test the glass, you cannot be sure and would be advised to avoid gifting Great Aunt Midge a hand-made pendant or selling your extras unless you've tested the glass. There are instructions on the web as to how to test a glass' compatibility with another.

    Compatibility testing/COE testing: fun!

    I'm all for testing and finding out the limits of glass and what you can do with it with what you have. My nephew was fond of melting glass and then watching it pop when it cooled. I've been fusing glass for 15 years or so and I've seen one too many people melting stained glass together and trying to pass it off as something that will last. Or taking bottle glass and melting it without annealing it properly. I've seen people melt bottle glass into cabochons. Some of the bottles with printing on them are real interesting because the paint that's used is fired on and can often survive being melted again. And if you want to be real scientific about it, keep a log of your fusing schedule and the results. Like I said, have fun!

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