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  • gm280 commented on TheCuttingBored's instructable $100 10ft Workbench With Storage2 days ago
    $100 10ft Workbench With Storage

    First I'd like to say, nice project and it looks great. Good execution of the dado and rabbit joints for the bench too. My only suggestion is, if you plan on doing any more wood working, you better close up the storage areas under the drawers if you want to keep those power tools clean and wood-dust free. Because the second you cut any wood, that dust will go everywhere. I know from experience. S maybe time to build some doors now. Just a suggestion.

    When you are custom building shop benches and cabinets, any length is the correct size. I have one enclosed bench that spans 16 foot with sliding drawers on the top and cabinet doors on the bottom. And the top is butcher block as well. Amazingly heavy, but it doesn't move even a millimeter.

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  • Wooden Venetian Blind Nixie Clock Aka Sara's Little Sister.

    Who doesn't like a Nixie Tube Clock. Nice project and it looks great. Bravo sir, Bravo!

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  • gm280 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Fizzle Loop Synth II5 days ago
    Fizzle Loop Synth II

    You need to set up your ideas so they are triggered via an musical instrument input. That way you can create sound that can be in sync with the instrument and make it a new sound for music.

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  • gm280 commented on diycreators's instructable Modern Outdoor Chair 6 days ago
    Modern Outdoor Chair

    Nice project. The only thing I would suggest is when you glue outside furniture, always use a waterproof glue. TiteBond III is such a glue and is available everywhere they sell wood glues. TitBond and TiteBond II are not waterproof. Thumbs Up!

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  • gm280 commented on Hans_Daniel's instructable Tube Audio Amplifier7 days ago
    Tube Audio Amplifier

    Very nice concept to finished working project. I too would one day like to do a tube amp only because I have very little knowledge to do so. But that is the reason to read, read and read some more to understand how tubes work together. I entered elections about the time tubes were being phased out. So I got a few solid state guitar amps that are nice, a tube amp would be interesting to build. I do have an old vintage Music Man tube/solid state amp. The preamp section is transistor, but the amp stages themselves are tubes as is the output stage. Thumbs Up on a great project!

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  • gm280 commented on PCaron4's instructable Halloween Paper-Mache Pumpkins8 days ago
    Halloween Paper-Mache Pumpkins

    Interesting idea. I like it. As for the clay issue, could you have used some Expand-a-foam and cut out the shapes using that? IDK, just wondering. Either way, they look great.

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  • gm280 commented on dekeros's instructable Simple Dowel Maker Jig9 days ago
    Simple Dowel Maker Jig

    Interesting concept. It makes me rethink how I can design a dowel cutter to make 3/4" and 1" dowels on the ends of tree limbs/branches to build outside yard furniture. You can buy them. But they are maga-expensive. So I will redesign my idea to make my own. Thanks for the post and idea.

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  • gm280 commented on Nematic!'s instructable DIY Power Supply !9 days ago
    DIY Power Supply !

    So many hobbyist have used the ATX type power supplies to build a bench top power supply. And for good reason, they are pretty good at supplying +12 volts and +5 volts and even +3.3 volts at pretty substantial currents. But you also need a variable output for higher voltage supplies. I always build my supplies with at least 24 volts or high for the odd electronic circuits. Add a LM317 or similar variable voltage circuit into your supply and you will love it. There are so many times I need a higher voltge as well as +12 and/or +5 at the same time. And a variable is great for testing relay drop out voltages and such. Just a suggestion. But you posted a great PS project all the Same. Here is my last one I made...

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  • How to Fix Corroded Battery Terminals

    On the extremely small gauge wires like that, use an exacto knife and slowly cut through the insulation as you roll the wire under the knife and table or bench. It works really well and after a few times, you get the hang of it pretty good. Works for me...

    Spot on with everything you stated. I've been down this road a few times my self. And if you don't have other battery holders to donate parts from, you can always use a tin can (not aluminum types) and cut out your own terminals. They solder that same and are not that hard to form into replacement terminals. Always better then throwing away the electronic item. Thumbs Up!

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  • gm280 commented on Hairbrush Inventor's instructable How to Make Cup From Rice Straw12 days ago
    How to Make Cup From Rice Straw

    A very interesting project. I never knew rice straws were hollow. That same technique could be used on other reed plant stems as well. Thumbs Up.

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  • gm280 commented on gizmologist's instructable Retro-Modern Bluetooth Stereo Speaker12 days ago
    Retro-Modern Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

    Nice project. Clever way to use parts that really aren't actually used. It does have the aged look. Thumbs Up!

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  • Fixing a Monitor With a Breadmaker: AKA Don't Throw It Out!

    Good fix, no doubt. If you understand how each electronic component works, that goes a long way to repairing any electronic item. Capacitors are a good thing to always check. Resistors usually are a give away when they are bad as well. Usually a burnt one stands out pretty well. First step in fixing anything is a good serious visual look see. Thumps Up!

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  • Homemade Peach Cobbler Using Fresh Peaches

    You instantly got my attention with peach cobbler. It looks great. But to honestly give my sincere opinion, I'd have to try it first. So if you have any left over, send me some so I can evaluate it better... :-)

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  • gm280 commented on ButterMyBiscuits's instructable How to Distill Water in the Kitchen21 days ago
    How to Distill Water in the Kitchen

    My wife also uses a CPAP breathing machine at night. And I thought about distilling the water as well. But we usually just buy distilled water for about a dollar a gallon and it goes for a failrly long time. In other words, I am too sorry to distill my own, but thought about it a lot. Nice project and easy to setup and do. Thumbs Up!

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  • Build an Automatic Shop Vac/ Power Saw Switch

    Not exactly sure how you wired this from the vague description. I wiring schematic is usually the better way to show that. But it sounds like you are powering up both the saw and the vacuum via the on/off switch of the saw. If that is so, you now are making the on/off switch on the saw carry way more current then it was originally designed to cover. And if that is so, you will shorten the life of that switch for certain. I better way is to either buy such a setup that also runs the vacuum for a few more seconds when the saw is turned off to clear the hose, or make such a circuit to you are not over-loading any switches. JMHO

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  • gm280 commented on Francisco Moliner's instructable RC Boat23 days ago
    RC Boat

    When building anything that will be exposed to water, always use Titebond III. It is waterproof and is available everywhere other Titebond glues are sold. And if you don't want your boat to sink, install some polyester foam inside and it will never sink. Nice project that brings back memories of my RC Miss Unlimited Hydroplane boat decades ago. It wasn't very fast because I only used a .40 ci model engine. Today's versions are lightyears ahead of that. Bravo sir, Bravo.

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  • gm280 commented on SusanYoung1982's instructable Teardrop Camper Made of Wood24 days ago
    Teardrop Camper Made of Wood

    Bravo, you should be very proud of yourself to tackle such a large project, never have done anything like that before. But look at the results and think about the knowledge you've gained. I like it. Thumbs Up!

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  • THT Resistor Organizer  (3D Printing Required)

    I understand your delima. I too have literally tens of thousands of new and used electronic parts. And even though I have them separated in little plastic bags with labels, every time I want a specific part, it is a major chore to go through all those bags to get to the one you want, which most of the time is near the last bag of parts you look through. Part dividers cabinets/drawers are really the better idea. And you have some interesting compartments as well. But when I buy parts, I always buy them in bulk, just for the next time. So unless I built the compartments a huge size bigger, I wouldn't be able to get them in one that size. But very nice organizing technique for sure. Thumbs Up.

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  • gm280 commented on many_methods's instructable Minion Wood Burner4 weeks ago
    Minion Wood Burner

    Now that looks great. FUnctional and creative design. How can anybody not like it. Bravo sir, bravo!

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  • gm280 commented on Rykley!'s instructable Restoring a 1960's Coke Machine!5 weeks ago
    Restoring a 1960's Coke Machine!

    Nice project. And even though it is not refurbished to factory condition, it is nicely done. You should be proud of your Coke Machine and display it and not hide it from view. Maybe even donate it to some worthy visitor's place where others can enjoy your work. Just a thought.

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  • Hack Your Garbage Can to Use Grocery Store Plastic Bags

    We use all out grocery plastic bags as trash can liners for every trash can in the home. The bathrooms and great room get them all the time. And we even take the grocery bags and fold them up into a very small rectangles until we need one. Works great.

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  • gm280 commented on artwithdEva's instructable Turn Your Old Plates to Decorative Plates 2 months ago
    Turn Your Old Plates to Decorative Plates

    Obviously you have done this many many times before. They look amazing. Great skill...

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  • gm280 commented on lwentlent's instructable Live Edge Oak Coffee Table2 months ago
    Live Edge Oak Coffee Table

    Very nice wood grain and finish. However I am more of a tradionalist furniture maker myself and like finished edges. But nice project all the same. Amazing to see what grows inside the trees.

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  • gm280 commented on mscharch's instructable Checkerboard Bowl 2 months ago
    Checkerboard Bowl

    All I have to say is, why am I getting this reply when I didn't even post the project?

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  • gm280 commented on MichaelsTestKitchen's instructable Garlic Potato Soup2 months ago
    Garlic Potato Soup

    For me to be able to give this a good thorough taste test decision, you need to send me a quarter (or two). Then I can evaluate it to the max and offer a true taste evaluation...

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  • gm280 commented on supersvein's instructable Cast BBQ Wheels2 months ago
    Cast BBQ Wheels

    I really like this project and you did a heck of a job as well. I am actually working towards my own fountry presently and will be doing this soon...I hope! Thumbs Up!

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  • gm280 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Perfect Wooden Sphere2 months ago
    Perfect Wooden Sphere

    I like this. I have to give this a try. Thanks for the post and helpful ideas.

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  • gm280 commented on AshleyC147's instructable DIY Perspex Turntable Cover2 months ago
    DIY Perspex Turntable Cover

    Yes, the PL-510 is a very good turntable. It is direct drive and still works great. The Weld-On glues I used are made for just such acrylics. There are lots of different types and I used them for building etching tanks to make/etch PC Boards in Ferric Chloride acid. Some use it for Aquarium building. The two part glue is even clear but amazingly strong. Here is the site address for them. Take a look. And yes this glue is extremely strong smelling as well. So adequate ventilation is a must.

    Looks like it came out nice. I am not familiar with the names of the products you used, but I have used similar products that basically accomplish the same results. I use Weld On products to assembly acrylic together. And I do have an older Pioneer PL-510 turntable that also has a bad clear lid. Makes me think now. Thumbs Up!

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  • How to Make a Dog Feeding Station

    Nice project for a beautiful dag. We had two Siberian Huskies for years until they passed away. Amazing dogs.

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  • gm280 commented on tomatoskins's instructable Make Your Own Carbide Lathe Tools3 months ago
    Make Your Own Carbide Lathe Tools

    Okay, thanks for that info. 20 hours is longer then one would think. As for the metal lathe, yea, having both makes everything pretty much easier to do.

    I really like this project. And since I have both a metal and wood lathe, this is easily doable for me. Thanks for the info and seeing your project. I like such things. I do have one question. How long do the carbine cutters seem to last? I realize you can turn them and use all sides, but how long do you think they will cut before needing replaced. Thanks again for this project.

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  • gm280 commented on Wolfgar77's instructable Rustic Headboard With His and Her Lights3 months ago
    Rustic Headboard With His and Her Lights

    Nice project, but you know you are now hooked. It starts out with one woodworking project and goes on from there. It gets addicting. You may want to look into some touch switches for the individual headboard lights. They allow you three intensity settings and all you have to do it touch the light to turn it on, go through the tree light intensity settings and touch it off again. We've been using them for decades now and there are great. No looking for a switch and easy to use you hand to just touch the fixture. Bravo on your first woodworking project. Post your future ones.

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  • gm280 commented on runciblefish's instructable Dog Steps3 months ago
    Dog Steps

    I made something similar for my neighbor. He was bed stricken with cancer, but loved his little dog to be in bed with him. But the dog was too small to jump up in bed (Chihuahua). So his wife asked me if I could make something to assist the little dog. So my son and I built a ramp type setup to allow the little dog to come and go with ease. We carpeted it so the dog would have good traction and be easy on his feet. Worked great. So your project brought back those memories. You did good with your step access project. Always nice to accommodate and make life easier for our pets when we can. Thanks for the project post.

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  • gm280 commented on Whitney Fabre's instructable Colors of the Rainbow Quilt3 months ago
    Colors of the Rainbow Quilt

    Who doesn't love a quilt. Being a guy, I have never made one myself, but always thought I would try it one day. I like your project. It looks great and comforting all at the same time. Thanks!

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  • gm280 commented on Groep13Pokémonhulp's instructable D4E1 PokémonAid3 months ago
    D4E1 PokémonAid

    Bravo for making this assistant for her to play such games more easily. Technology can be extremely helpful in some instances. Good project indeed...

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  • gm280 commented on mscharch's instructable Checkerboard Bowl 3 months ago
    Checkerboard Bowl

    Nice project. I can only imagine calculating all those segments and angles to get it to come out correct. I thought about such projects many time since I do have a couple lathes myself. But with other project taking precedence, I've yet to try it. One day. But Bravo on your turning.

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  • gm280 commented on jcbuchli's instructable R/C Biplane3 months ago
    R/C Biplane

    Nice build and it brings back memories when I was flying R/C and teaching others to fly as well. I have a few questions. The finish you used, is it impervious to the nitromethane fuels you use? The fuel residue is very reactive and if the paint is not fuel proof, the finish can be ruined quickly. And it looks like the covering you used was a type of iron on that needs painted. I use to use Monocoat myself. I enjoyed your project and like the finish plane. You painted that very nice. Bravo sir, Bravo.

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  • gm280 commented on thecoolergamer's instructable Motion Detecting Alarm Using Pir Sensor3 months ago
    Motion Detecting Alarm Using Pir Sensor

    I applaud your interest into such projects. I really do. It is always great to see people building electronic projects. I too was designing and going to built such projects for all our walk in closets so when you opened the doors the lights would come on. And then turn off as you closed the door. And I bought the PIR modules (same ones you used) to accomplish my build. Then I seen such sensors totally constructed and packages to do the same things for a song. I went the commerical package route and forgone the design and experimental build. It works perfectly as well. But I still enjoy your project. Education can never be taken from anybody.

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  • gm280 commented on DonS89's instructable Helping an Abused Trolling Motor3 months ago
    Helping an Abused Trolling Motor

    I've rebuilt a few trolling motors myself. And most parts are still available for them if you know where to look. I usually rebuild foot control models and they actually look like new when I'm finished rebuilding them. Rarely are there any parts you can't find or make. Good job with your repair.

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  • gm280 commented on AviPrink's instructable Peltier Effect (Extreme Cooling)3 months ago
    Peltier Effect (Extreme Cooling)

    I have a few of these Peltier squares and played around with them. But like you stated they certainly are NOT energy efficient even a little. Seems the hot side always out does the cool side and the amount of power required to do that is just way too much. But they are fun to play with.

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  • gm280 commented on juniortan's instructable Travel Door Lock3 months ago
    Travel Door Lock

    Nice idea. A wedge installed on the bottom works too...

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  • gm280 commented on jprussack's instructable Rabbit Rescue3 months ago
    Rabbit Rescue

    Usually the best thing to do with any baby animal or bird is leave it alone. Nature takes care of everything as it is suppose to be. I realize baby rabits are cute and furry and such, but leave it alone and whatever happens is how it was supposed to happen. JMHO

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  • gm280 commented on ChipsWoodShop's instructable Easy Outdoor Cinder Block Benches3 months ago
    Easy Outdoor Cinder Block Benches

    Pretty nice project. I wonder if plastic type wood products would work equally well? Then you would never have to worry about them even again. I like your layout. Kind of looks like stadium seats. Thumbs Up!

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  • gm280 commented on RobBest's instructable Wireless Doorbell Transmitter3 months ago
    Wireless Doorbell Transmitter

    With so many items transmitting on the 433 mhz band, are you getting any false signals? Seems every thing is on that 433 mhz band these days. Just wondering.

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  • gm280 commented on RCEM's instructable Efficent Tidy Sunscreen Applicator3 months ago
    Efficent Tidy Sunscreen Applicator

    Interesting concept. And it even lends itself to other ideas as well. Like applying wood glue on parts to glue up. Or applying other liquid applications for so many other ideas. Thanks for posting this. I have a few ideas in mind now. Thumbs Up!

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  • gm280 commented on Phil B's instructable Metal Cutting Bandsaw3 months ago
    Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    Nice project. I have been looking at something like this. How capable is this saw? I mean what size metals can it cut and how long does it take? I have a very nice 17" 2 hp wood band-saw, but since it runs so fast, I would have to built some sort of reduction to slow the metal blades down enough to use it as a metal cutting band-saw. Not sure I want to do that.

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  • gm280 commented on WardWorks's instructable Build a Sheet Metal Brake3 months ago
    Build a Sheet Metal Brake

    I am always interested in such metal projects. I have a couple questions. What gauge metal can you bend with it? And since there is no table or bed on your bend, how do you manage to hold it down when bending the heavier gauge metals. I have a similar setup, but without something longer (not wider) it wants to lift up with bending heavier gauge metals. How have you handled those issues. Either way, nice build.

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  • gm280 commented on jcbuchli's instructable Cedar Strip Kayak3 months ago
    Cedar Strip Kayak

    I unfortunately know exactly what you are talking about. Sanding epoxy or polyester and fiberglass cloth is one of the worst things you can sand. The fibers are so small they get all over you and itch and scratch. But if you want a nice looking project, it is the price you pay.

    Very nice project. You should be extremely proud of your project Kayak. I also have worked with boats and got my supplies from US Composites as well. However, I went the 435 laminating polyester resins and fiberglass woven materials myself. And sanding is the key. Certainly not the funnest or easiest steps, but that makes the project. Bravo sir, bravo!

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  • gm280 commented on Amaries's instructable Make a Vase3 months ago
    Make a Vase

    They look very nice. So the actual vase bottoms are not hollowed out? I was wondering how you were going to do that. But they do look very nice either way.

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  • gm280 commented on rossthebuilder's instructable Car Armrest DIY4 months ago
    Car Armrest DIY

    Well looks nice however you glued it on. Maybe some Dap Weldwood contact cement next time would work. That stuff is amazing. And the color doesn't look black to me. But then again, could be my computer setup as well, or my eyes. IDK lol

    Nice reupholster job in my opinion. I have two questions. First what type glue did you use. Second why didn't you get a leather that matched the seats. It looks like you went with a brown leather and the seat are not in the brown family (of course I am color blind to some colors). Just wondering. But nice getting it to lay down without wrinkles. Bravo!

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  • Wooden Rocking Horse Giraffe - Made Out of Kitchen Worktop

    Nice project. Looks like the youngster is enjoy it. Thumbs Up.

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  • gm280 commented on Creativity Buzz's instructable TOOTHPASTE LIFE HACKS4 months ago

    Yes, toothpaste has an abrasive in it. So be really careful what you use it on. It can fog over some items if not used properly. But nice video and suggestions as well.

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  • gm280 commented on wave221's instructable Wine Barrel Dog House4 months ago
    Wine Barrel Dog House

    How can you not like a Siberian Husky dog. We've adopted two of them years ago. They lived very great lives and have since passed away.. Amazing pets.

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  • gm280 commented on DanYHKim's instructable Sliding Dovetail Geta4 months ago
    Sliding Dovetail Geta

    While I applaud you for your sliding dovetail joinery, I can't say I would like to walk around their those...ah....sandals. They look very harsh for my feet.

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  • gm280 commented on Mikhandmaker.'s instructable Filer Guide for Hand-Saws4 months ago
    Filer Guide for Hand-Saws

    Very nice built on such a tool. And it would be extremely great to built IF you used a lot of hand saws or refurbished them for yourself or others. But to built one for a few hand saws that I own and hardly ever use, would be just for the fun of it and probably wouldn't get utilized much at all. But very nice quality work, that's for sure.

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  • gm280 commented on John deCaux's instructable How to Cook an Aussie Beef Pie4 months ago
    How to Cook an Aussie Beef Pie

    Sure looks and sound good. If you could send me a couple to try, I can then offer a better assesment of how they taste as well... :-)

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  • How to Take & Grow Succulents From Cuttings

    Have you ever tried this technique with plants like Azaleas? I have some unique colored Azaleas and would like to use cuttings to plant more of the same. But I have never tried it before and was just wondering.

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  • gm280 commented on _woodify_'s instructable How to Disassemble a Pallet Efficiently 4 months ago
    How to Disassemble a Pallet Efficiently

    Most of the pallets I ever worked with were made from quality woods to including oaks maples and such. Hardly ever seen pine used. But as you try to take them apart, usually the wood breaks up yielding little long boards to use for any large projects. Not saying to not use them. But it is different depending what pallets you get.

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  • gm280 commented on stillash's instructable Wooden Slimline Pen4 months ago
    Wooden Slimline Pen

    I have many so many pen and pencils I've lost count. But they are very fun and rewarding to make. And with virtually an endless number of woods and other materials to construct them from, your imagination is your only limit. I don't know how long you've been making them now, but one thing I will say as a heads up. The mandrels and size spacers will get turned down and sanded down as you make them. So you have to buy a lot of them if you plan to make lots of sets. Even though they are metal, the cutting tools and sanding does make them smaller over time. Also, you can easily sell the sets (pen and pencils) for all types of gifts from graduation to birthdays to most any occasion. They sell very easily too.

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  • gm280 commented on MsMaoMaoz's instructable Mune Guardian of the Moon 4 months ago
    Mune Guardian of the Moon

    I like how the black out makes your face look so different. Nice eye design as well. Thumbs Up!

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  • gm280 commented on evanandkatelyn's instructable Twisted Wood Veneer Art4 months ago
    Twisted Wood Veneer Art

    Interesting idea. The only think I would have changed would have been painting the plywood backing first so the twisted veneer would have showed up better. But nice project either way. You could have used Kreg Pocket Hole screws to make all the corners. Just a suggestion. They hold extremely tight.

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  • gm280 commented on The Shop Teacher's instructable Branding Iron4 months ago
    Branding Iron

    I do like it. But I was really hoping for a way to make such a burn stamp without a CNC cutter. Anyway, obviously well done.

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  • gm280 commented on AndrewL5's instructable Stop Getting Ripped Off by Propane Exchanges.4 months ago
    Stop Getting Ripped Off by Propane Exchanges.

    Yes, you covered all that pretty well. You do know that ten years is the limit on the first tank certification date. However, it can be recertified for an addition ten years (you may want to check that time limit, I could have the length wrong) but with that stated, you can still use your tank even after the FIRST date. We have a local hardware store that fills tanks, but does it the fair right way. They only charge for what you refilled to. In other words, if your tank is 1/4 full, you can have it filled to the top (sore a speak) for 75% of a total refill cost.

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  • gm280 commented on fixthisbuildthat's instructable 6 Easy Steps to Make Drawers4 months ago
    6 Easy Steps to Make Drawers

    Nice project. And pocket screws are extremely tight joints as well. However I still like using finger joints and dado the bottom to slide in the drawer bottom. But one isn't any better then the next. JMHO

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  • Small Component Storage From Ariel 3 in 1 Wash Pods Box

    Nice idea to sort electronic components. I actually did something close but not as good. I sorted my very large assortment of resistors in little zip lock bags 2" x 3" and printed out the value and the color code of the resistor value in each bag. But I haven't set up the easy to read setup like you've done. I may have to look into doing that as well. And also all my other over flowing electronic parts. Bravo sir, Bravo!

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  • Fix an Air Compressor Regulator for Under $10.

    Looks like you fixed it. If you couldn't repair it, they sell regulators everywhere that would have allowed you to replace it and make the compressor work again. But your idea works as well. Nice repair.

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  • gm280 commented on DuralM's instructable Huge Aluminum Casting. Hanger5 months ago
    Huge Aluminum Casting. Hanger

    Well that's as good an answer as any. I like your video and contemplation doing the same one day as well. I have the material, just so many other projects going on presently. I need to make "green sand" and a proper foundry container with the fireproof walls and of course the burner setup. Any chance you can post those things as well?

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  • gm280 commented on DuralM's instructable Huge Aluminum Casting. Hanger5 months ago
    Huge Aluminum Casting. Hanger

    I understand the casting part, but why a hanger?

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  • gm280 commented on dave.vaness.79's instructable Bird Cabin5 months ago
    Bird Cabin

    Nice design. I like the wood block cabin idea and look. You do need to put something over the very peak to keep rain out though. And does the dye you use have any problems with the birds? IDK, I'm just asking.

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  • gm280 commented on Tsanabe's instructable Stinging Nettle Soup5 months ago
    Stinging Nettle Soup

    I honestly have to say, that with the possibilities of picking the wrong vegetation and cause some serious problems,I'll pass on this soup. But if you know your plants and feel safe making this, have at it.

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  • gm280 commented on EarphoneDIYLabs's instructable Build a Hi-Fi Headphone From Scratch5 months ago
    Build a Hi-Fi Headphone From Scratch

    I wish there was some way to actually hear those headphones. I like Koss Portapros. They have got to be the best headphones I've ever heard. So yours would have to be equal or better to make me want to duplicate your efforts. Not saying your don't do that. But without hearing them, I can't tell. I probably got at least ten different pairs of headphones and if I want to hear seriously quality music, it is the Koss Portapros every time. Nice project and I maybe tempted to make a set and see.

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  • gm280 commented on brownewepr's instructable Cardboard Pen5 months ago
    Cardboard Pen

    I've turn tons of pens and pencils, even some using rattle snake skins and deer antler. Those were the hardest material I ever worked with. One wrong move and it all over, all over the entire shop. I have a few suggestions to help with this cardboard material. How about taking the epoxy glues and after mixing them, add in some rubbing alcohol. This thins the epoxy without harming the curing process. But it allows the epoxy to become more like water and should assist in getting the watery epoxy into the cardboard easier. And do each piece on its own before gluing/building up the blanks. That should solve the empty voids in the cardboard. Just and idea. Nice project using cardboard. You could even dye the epoxy for the different pieces to make it that much different. JMHO

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  • gm280 commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Fizzle Loop Synth - 555 Timer5 months ago
    Fizzle Loop Synth - 555 Timer

    Nice build and interesting project, honestly!. But I have to say, a 12 gauge would take care of that in short order if somebody else was playing with it in ear shot.

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  • gm280 commented on John deCaux's instructable How to Build a Bee Vacuum5 months ago
    How to Build a Bee Vacuum

    I realize honey bees are a commodity. But me, and bees in general, don't mix. I've had my share of bee stings in my life time. And if I never ever get stung again, it won't spoil my day. Nice project to save those bees.

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  • gm280 commented on John deCaux's instructable How to Smoke a Whole Duck5 months ago
    How to Smoke a Whole Duck

    Aren't they hard to roll? Okay, just a little joke there. It looks good. How could anybody not like it?

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  • gm280 commented on evanandkatelyn's instructable T-Track Clamp CNC Upgrade5 months ago
    T-Track Clamp CNC Upgrade

    Nice concept. I have two ideas to maybe help you out. First, buy a LASER light for your chop saw. They are simple to add on and will show you exactly where the saw blade will cut. I've installed one on my DeWalt 12" Compound chop saw and it increases the cut rates. Second, is you slotted the wood "L" attachments, then you can slide them and even catch more threaded holes you already have in the base plate. And being slotted, you can also use them to hold non-square items to machine. Otherwise nice ideas...

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  • gm280 commented on Jule's instructable Restore an Old Hunting Pocket Knife5 months ago
    Restore an Old Hunting Pocket Knife

    Nice project and it looks good to me. I love it when people refurbish old items like this and make them near new and usable again. Bravo sir, Bravo.

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  • Laser Cut Algebra Balance - Teaching Tool

    Not sure what grades you are teaching, but are you sure they can grasp the concept? Seems a little convoluted to me.. Interesting, but still hard to simply grasp.

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  • Forged Damascus Steel Pocket Knife W/ Common Tools!!!

    There is no better knife in the world then the one you make yourself. Nice knife and you should be proud of it.

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  • gm280 commented on In The Kitchen With Matt's instructable Yummy Fried Shrimp5 months ago
    Yummy Fried Shrimp

    I have to say, they look amazing. And if you would like to send me a dozen or three, I could find out for myself as well. Let me know if you need my address. :-)

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  • gm280 commented on Rzooq's instructable Oil FIlter Cutter6 months ago
    Oil FIlter Cutter

    I totally understand what you made and I think it is a clever idea and construction. However, why cut used oil filter apart anyways. Seems a really messy job, and I honestly can't think of any good reason myself.

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  • Potato Battery: Understanding Chemical and Electrical Energy

    First let me say thank you for this post. Although this has been done a few times with potatoes and a multitude of other food items, it is always great to see it again. This will pike the interest in some new students to try and make this and that is the beginning of more electronic students. So you never know, you could have started a whole new class full of new technicians...and that is always a great thing. Bravo sir, Bravo.

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  • gm280 commented on gravitino's instructable Barncaster Electric Guitar6 months ago
    Barncaster Electric Guitar

    Nice project. While I am more of a traditionalist in the looks and finish, I do know the labor of love it took to build such a guitar. I too play and plan to built at least a few myself. I purchased a kit and will make others after I get that kit finished. It is a copy of a Les Paul. I always like that design and so I have to build one. I also have four older amps that will get refurbished as well. One is a MusicMan tube head unit.

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  • gm280 commented on JeremySCook's instructable Twin Bed With Optional CNC Engraving6 months ago
    Twin Bed With Optional CNC Engraving

    Nice build. And it will be with you for generations. Way better then some flimsy store bought unit. 2 x 4 constructions makes for really solid builds. And with the rustic look, is perfect as well.

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  • How to Make the Perfect Steak (Steak Frites)

    I will say there are so many ways to accomplish a great steak. I also use a 1" thick rib-eye. No other reason to fire up the grill otherwise. But if you need any steak sauce, you are not cooking or seasoning your steak right. Of course this is just my opinion. I love a medium steak without any condiment like sauces.

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  • gm280 commented on ToolboxDivas's instructable Elegant DIY Tufted Bench6 months ago
    Elegant DIY Tufted Bench

    Very nice project. I applaud you for posting it. I get the feeling you've been working with wood for some time. I did like the Kreg vice grip tool to hold the pieces in position as you drove the screws in place. You should be proud!

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  • gm280 commented on CarS3's instructable Antique Pallet Wood Americian Flag6 months ago
     Antique Pallet Wood Americian Flag

    How can anybody not like your project. Bravo sir, Bravo. Salute!

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  • Trailer Swing-away Jockey Wheel Mounting Bracket.

    Nice setup. That will be there forever. I did something about the same when I rebuilt my trailer. Except I welded the jack on to the trailer frame like this.

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  • gm280 commented on mxx's instructable Unclogging Rust-Oleum Nozzle6 months ago
    Unclogging Rust-Oleum Nozzle

    I am sure that works also. If you want another way, remove the spray tip and get some carb cleaner and spray through the tip, problem solved. And if you need a really small item to poke through the clogged tip, use one strand of any stranded wire (14 or 16 gauge) and it will help clean out the tip without damaging it. I'll have to try your idea and see how that works.

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