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  • Hello,I don't understand your description of the problem. The transducers are Epoxied or attached using steel studs to the vessel. They don't make contact with the vessel during operation. They are already attached to it prior of turning the system ON otherwise it is not correct. Check the pictures of this project and you will see the basics of it. In the case of the one on this project, you have 2 transducers that are Epoxied to the pan and then connected in parallel to the 100W generator. It works flawless. I now have another one that is a 4 gallons tank and I use 4 transducers collected in parallel. Same principle, same transducer connection and a 200W generator.

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  • Hello Steven,Thank you for your message.Yes. You can use this ultrasonic system to clean clock parts. I don't know if you can put the whole clock inside of the reservoir because it may have certain delicate clock parts that may be damaged by ultrasonic waves. Clock shops normally use ultrasonic cleaning baths.

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  • Hello,You can do that but the transducer should be enclosed on a metal box to avoid short circuiting.

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  • Hello,Normally this type of transducer vibrates expanding and contracting on its height so the surface where it is attached to will vibrate.I don't see any loss and, I believe, that is the correct way to mount it. If you look on any setup on the web you will see that the transducers is attached to the wall of the tank.We now have 2 more tanks with different frequencies and they were all made using the same principle.Regards,

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  • Hello,The stud is normally welded to the tank and then you screw the transducer to it. The stud needs to be completely perpendicular to the tank wall otherwise the transducer will not be flush with the surface thus not transferring the maximum power as it should.I used Epoxy because the "tank" I used was inexpensive and the work involved in having the stud perpendicular to the tank was not worth when compared to the simplicity of the Epoxy. If a transducer stops working it is much easier to buy a new "tank" because of its cost.Regards

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  • Hello,In my case I used a 110V AC ultrasonic generator but they also have the same ultrasonic generator in 220V AC.

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