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  • 3D Endgrain Cutting Board

    If you wanted the endgrain look, you could rip the boards at a 30 degree angle on two opposite sides, then make square crosscuts the thickness you desire for the endgrain.

    Any wood glue should be OK once cured as long as it was at least water resistant. A foaming glue like Gorilla Glue might make it harder to get tight joints. I would recommend TiteBond II (water resistant) or TiteBond III (waterproof, but somewhat more expensive).

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  • Cat Food Access Control (ESP8266 + Servo Motor + 3D Printing)

    Cute design and nice repurposing of the existing 3D object.Looking at the code, I see you query the NIST NTP servers every _minute_. Is that frequency really necessary? I would think once every several hours would be sufficient as the clock drift on the crystal is small and the need for 1 second or better accuracy is not really needed for this project.Looks like all that would be needed to be change is a single line (Line 52):unsigned long intervalNTP = 60000; // Request NTP time every minutewould become:unsigned long intervalNTP = 1000*60*60*6; // Request NTP time every six hours (in millisecs)Switching to every six hours would drop the load on the NIST servers from 1,440 hits a day to 4, with no other apparent change in the device's behavior.

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    Good writeup - was sorry to hear you'd disassembled it.

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