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  • 3D Endgrain Cutting Board

    Any wood glue should be OK once cured as long as it was at least water resistant. A foaming glue like Gorilla Glue might make it harder to get tight joints. I would recommend TiteBond II (water resistant) or TiteBond III (waterproof, but somewhat more expensive).

    If you wanted the endgrain look, you could rip the boards at a 30 degree angle on two opposite sides, then make square crosscuts the thickness you desire for the endgrain.

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  • Cat Food Access Control (ESP8266 + Servo Motor + 3D Printing)

    Cute design and nice repurposing of the existing 3D object.Looking at the code, I see you query the NIST NTP servers every _minute_. Is that frequency really necessary? I would think once every several hours would be sufficient as the clock drift on the crystal is small and the need for 1 second or better accuracy is not really needed for this project.Looks like all that would be needed to be change is a single line (Line 52):unsigned long intervalNTP = 60000; // Request NTP time every minutewould become:unsigned long intervalNTP = 1000*60*60*6; // Request NTP time every six hours (in millisecs)Switching to every six hours would drop the load on the NIST servers from 1,440 hits a day to 4, with no other apparent change in the device's behavior.

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    Good writeup - was sorry to hear you'd disassembled it.

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