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  • hola3 commented on rek36's instructable How To Go On A Date3 years ago
    How To Go On A Date

    Hello,in my opinion, most important thing is to be natural and be yourself. Follow some rules or try to be someone you are not it may help in short term, but if you are looking for a long relationship, it is for sure not the best move.So, just be yourself and let see whats happen, if it works, cool, if it doesn´t, no problem, luckily, there are many single girls/boys on this planet, somebody will like the way you are, and not the person you pretend to be, im sure about it.BTW, now I little offtopic, I´m running a dating tips website since some months, if somebody is looking for tips and want to check it out, there is the url: it helps! If somebody want to ask me something, contact me through the contact form :-)Have a nice day!Br//OLIVER

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