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  • There are of the hanging type air cleaner/filtration system available from many manufacturers or you can build your own, depending on your urgency and/or cost. The Lumberjocks site has reviews and DIY ones if you are ready to build one?I have been looking at one that suspends from the ceiling but I can't afford one right now.

    My COPD is more age related and smoking doesn't help. You really don't have to worry about that if you don't smoke especially when you are woodworking as I did both for over 50 years. One of the best things you can do is get a air cleaner for your work shop to remove the very fine dust that floats around for a long time. The fine dust causes the problems.

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  • Did my pointers provide any insight to your project?

    Actually routers create more chips than dust when compared to sanders but a dust collection system is a good idea in either case. After 50+ years of woodworking, most of them inside or in my old basement, I have developed COPD which is no laughing matter. Now, when weather allows, I tend to do most of my woodworking outside.This video shows a fence with dust collection and adjustable bit window but it is a little over the top with other bells and whistles.This one is simpler and has both features.As with all DIY, shop built, solutions you can pick and choose how much you want to incorporate into you design.Take care buddy!

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  • I am not trying to be hyper critical as I have been using a router and router table for over 50 years and I just want to help you if I can.In the video, when you stated that the bit was dull it appeared that you were climb cutting and that is the only point I was trying to make. When the entire workpiece is between the fence and the bit, that is climb cutting, the router rotation is pulling the workpiece. Cutting an opening in the fence, like you stated is very desirable, but the opening must be width adjustable to allow for different size router bits otherwise the workpiece may try to "dive" into the opening due bit rotation. Again, I am just trying to help!

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