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  • ictinc commented on sspence's instructable DIY 1000 Watt Wind Turbine9 months ago
    DIY 1000 Watt Wind Turbine

    Respect!!! I've come across this project many times. Now that I've finally decided to built my own windmill, I want mine based on this one.I do however have some questions.I would like my generator to output 230 volts AC with a minimum of 1000 watts. How would I need to change the windings on the coils to do so? Also, would there be any disadvantages by changing the output voltage to 230v AC?The reason I would like the higher output is because I eventually want to connect it to the grid. I also don't like the hassle and expenses of charging batteries.My actual design of the windmill would largely be the same, however I would like to try to attach the magnets to the tips of the blades instead of in the center.

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  • ictinc commented on Spartan H45's instructable DIY Tablet 2.01 year ago
    DIY Tablet 2.0

    I've never felt the need to post comments on any of the instructables, but this one is different. The amount care and design you put into this is just awesome. You're an inspiration to many of us!It would be cool tough if it was outfitted with 4g/LTE and if the LAN port would be accessible. That would really make it stand out.Can't wait for a 3rd version!Cheers.

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