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  • ikeith15 commented on yanadica's instructable Secret binder3 years ago
    Secret binder

    to make it more secret i cut one of the flap (door thingy) off and took the rings out and took another binder cut both door things off and used the spine (thing with the rings but take rings off) glue it to the door flap on opp side ( the side you grab to open) and took another door and did the same ( it should look like a box by now) then put the not so important items in between the doors and the "goodies" in the flap but i could not have created this without seeing your invention GOOD LUCK!

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  • Password Foldable On Paper(Hidden section)

    i made this for a school project it is really neat but i am still trying to figure out on how to get the (secret flaps) to fold onto the big piece of paper

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  • ikeith15 commented on N-CountryFace's instructable How To Make Bear Mouth Pop-up3 years ago
    How To Make Bear Mouth Pop-up

    me and the bear got into it bc the scissors bit me and he thought i was blaming him

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