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  • if you want to achieve a smooth finish just skip the brooming step and keep burning the concrete with your trowel

    oh dang i took pictures of the frame inside because when i was putting it together it was night time then i poured it outside. i didn't mean for it to be poured inside. if you didn't let it hardened i think you might me fine with cleaning out the dust and washing the carpet with some cleaner. in work we use pieces of carpet to clean off our curb forms and the if we clean the carpet piece they come out pretty clean. i hope this helps

    this is just a simple pour to get familiar with the technique required to finish concrete. And the term "burn" doesn't mean to actually burn the concrete its just a term we use to describe the smooth look of the concrete and is achieved by smoothening out the concrete with a trowel. Also i didn't go into depth of how much bags you will need for a bigger project because the purpose of the instructions is to obtain some basic skills of finishing. And personally i would cure the concrete by spraying it out the next day after the concrete has been poured. and yes i did mean bristles and concrete mag

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