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  • ivygeek commented on amalkhan's instructable How to Remove Soap Scum3 years ago
    How to Remove Soap Scum

    Never tried either of the above, because white vinegar never fails me. Heat some vinegar in the microwave. Not boiling hot; you don't want to burn yourself. Then either add it to a spray bottle and spritz the soap scum or dip a cleaning rag into the bowl and wipe the soap scum. Leave it on a minute before wiping off if you've really got a lot of soap scum. Only PITA drawback is going back to reheat the vinegar when it cools off. The heat is definitely needed to make this effective. The vinegar smell dissipates very quickly. And the vapor from heating the vinegar will also clean your microwave!

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  • Cleaning your oven without poisonous, earth destroying chemicals

    I clicked on this Instructible with high hopes that it would not be that ubiquitous internet fairly tale about cleaning your oven with baking soda & vinegar. But, alas; here it is again. Let me be plain: THIS DOES NOT WORK. I've tried it many, many times & it removes the kind of light grime you can wipe up with any household cleaner, but does not make a dent in the baked on, crusty stuff. And while we're at it, the other internet cleaning fairy tale about leaving a bowl of ammonia in the oven overnight and just wiping all the crud off in the AM....that doesn't work either. I really wish someone could come up with a less toxic cleaner than EasyOff, but for now, that's the only thing I've found to work.

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