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  • Total stitching length multiplied by 5 gives you a little bit extra at the end. Others say multiply by 4 or even 3.5, but there have been times where at the end of the stitching run I was left with VERY little thread and it was hard to stitch. When you multiply by 5 the THICKNESS of the leather is taken out of play a lot of the time.

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  • Nope, no error. And can't view the shop either. It goes directly to my profile (when logged out or logged in). I figured I'd have to post an item, but wanted to check and make sure. Thanks for the response, and again, thanks for this walkthrough.

    Thanks for the great 'ible! I needed this as I intend on selling soon. One question though... When setting up my shop, the step after naming the shop is posting what you'd like to sell. I don't want to post anything yet, but would like to set up policies, etc. But it won't let me progress past this point of posting something. Am I missing something or did I do something wrong? It doesn't make sense to me to post something to sell without first setting up policies.

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