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  • Total stitching length multiplied by 5 gives you a little bit extra at the end. Others say multiply by 4 or even 3.5, but there have been times where at the end of the stitching run I was left with VERY little thread and it was hard to stitch. When you multiply by 5 the THICKNESS of the leather is taken out of play a lot of the time.

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  • Thanks for the great 'ible! I needed this as I intend on selling soon. One question though... When setting up my shop, the step after naming the shop is posting what you'd like to sell. I don't want to post anything yet, but would like to set up policies, etc. But it won't let me progress past this point of posting something. Am I missing something or did I do something wrong? It doesn't make sense to me to post something to sell without first setting up policies.

    Nope, no error. And can't view the shop either. It goes directly to my profile (when logged out or logged in). I figured I'd have to post an item, but wanted to check and make sure. Thanks for the response, and again, thanks for this walkthrough.

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