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  • jakekusters commented on MakersBox's instructable I Can Surface Mount Solder11 months ago
    I Can Surface Mount Solder

    Also, with components like caps there should be a concave flow of solder from the side of the component to the land, if solder is touching the top of the component it needs to be corrected. Lastly is prepping a land for SMD soldering, the coating of solder should be a thin flat layer so that when a component is placed on firm pressure to hold in place won't make it unstable. Once tacked on you solder the other land and come back if necessary.

    Just a few tips regarding the SMD soldering. There's too much solder on the legs because you are using solder that is too thick for this application. You should still be able to see the shape of the components legs, the solder only making a nice contact with the land. While there is no need to worry about polarity with resistors they still are placed on a PCB a certain way for easy reading.

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