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  • jakubr21 commented on kirdaiht's forum topic Capacitors, where to get them?9 days ago

    this thread is old, but the best keyword for large capacitors is screw terminal, since those will always be big.if anyone reading this needs to know where to procure such capacitors for free, its often restricted to industrial grade electronics and capacitors imprtoved a lot over the years, so your best bet is ebay.

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  • jakubr21 commented on ilike2pokypoky's instructable How to Make Sodium Hydroxide9 months ago
    How to Make Sodium Hydroxide

    im sorry to bring this to you all but unfortunately this does not work, the ring of white powder is salt and the solution is bleach, you are unfortunately creating a few chemicals at once, not just NaOH, they in turn combine to create bleach, you will be required to separate ions by using ion exchange, this can be done in a dual cell membrane electrolyzer or a dual cell mercury electrolyzer, which you will need to fabricate, i will try to see if ion exchange can be done with copper metal instead of membrane or mercury, but i am skeptical of it, if you put salt solution in both of the cells of the said electrolyzer and capture H2 and Cl2 and bubble them through water you would also create HCL (muriatic) acid at the same time and you would not need to wear a gas mask while you're doing it.

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