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  • jaymik commented on nkeda14's instructable Create Cheap homemade Modge Podge!3 years ago
    Create Cheap homemade Modge Podge!

    In my experience it only lasted two days

    Ive made this stuff before and the first time it turned out wonderful!! The shelf life for it was only two days though which is okay for me. This time i made it the first time it turned out really lumpy and just didnt work so i tried it again and it came out alot better!! I had to use about 3 an a half cups of water and quite a bit of oil but it worked. Im using it for puzzle gluing and so far the amount that i made is barely enough for one 1500 piece puzzle but its working awesomely. For that one puzzle its taking about 35 mins for one coat to dry completely with a fan on it to dry faster. Ive read all the comments and tried to include everything that ive seen missing in other comments so i hope everyone find this useful

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