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  • How to: Resonant Microwave Oven Transformer High Voltage Supply.

    Just though to metion those transformers would be handy to send power far off to your building in the woods or on a farm. Stack em up ans get as much mains as far as you need without the utility coming to drop a separate line at the site..

    Yes use them to send power out to your building thats far off.. 120+120 to 3200+3200 to overhead or underground lines (maybe safer underground) to thr next transformers at thr building..3200+3200 to 120+120 and viola you have single phase 240 volts at the shack with almost no loss

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  • jbrittain2 commented on ernie666's instructable Ultra-Sensitive Spy Ear2 years ago
    Ultra-Sensitive Spy Ear

    The noise is not a bonus, if you're trying to hear acoustic sounds... It is interference made by close by AM radio transmitters, sometimes FM but mostly AM is easiest to pick up in microphone cables etc. To resolve this, it needs a sturdy ground plane around the circuit, metal plate underneath, or a Faraday cage (metal box) Altoids can?? instead of the plastic enclosure shown. The circuit should be grounded via a jumper and insulated from the box.

    also the mic cable is twisted pair, makinf it a "balanced cable". The circuit is unbalanced, so there is a mismatch. Use a shielded RCA cable instead and that will help alot. (Im experienced in audio equipment)

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