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  • Very useful instructable. Thank you for taking the time showing this to us. I will agree that Kroil is very good for rusty metal and connections that are rusted together. I also use it in black powder firearms to keep the corrosion down. Another oil you might want to look into is Ballistol. Excellent rust preventative and actually mixes with water to form a protective film. Take care.

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  • jca245 commented on alreed's instructable No-sew Shoes

    Very nice work. I have never made shoes, and not sure if I ever will, however, getting an insight to the process was fascinating. Thank You

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  • I use dollar store nail polish in place of fly tying cement and to coat knots on fishing line. Never heard the band aid use but I remember my mother used it to stop runs in her stockings from getting worse. Also used it while in the army for chiggers and ticks. Superglue was developed for use by combat medics to close up wounds fast in the field during the Viet Nam war. I heard it was different than the stuff we use for gluing things.

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