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I am married to my beautiful wife Kristiana, and have two beautiful daughters named Brinnsen and Sidney. We bought a house in the summer of 2008 for a decent price and bought another in early 2010. I graduated Boise State University with my degree in accounting.
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    USB Iphone Ipod Dynamo Charger

    Actually this is a false idea. While Americans do not use bike as a method of transportation as much (less than 10%) many other countries have much higher ratios. Some European countries have as high as 40% of the population using bike as their form of transportation.Just because America does not use it as it's main form does not mean we can blanket generalize for the rest of the world.

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  • USB Iphone Ipod Dynamo Charger

    This gives me an idea, rather than have a crank producing energy by hand, why not the voltage input to a bike light generator? Seem's like you could easily make a bike charge your phone with the same concept.

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