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Well, I'm 24 and would like to make cartoons and movies one day. I know I may be kind of old to not have started yet, but in 03 I had a brain injury. I died a few times. On the way to Shock Trama for 1:30 seconds. I saw and talked to my dad in heaven. If you believe in that sort of thing. I surely didn't before it happened. I never go to church. I'm just comfortable with life now. I was in a coma for 6 weeks. Woke up blind. I got my site back. Well 10% of it. Which is fine by me.... Read More »
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    Child's Toy Light Switch Box

    I was thinking about making something like this for a little guy I know. My thought though, had lights and sounds. So, he would flip a switch, see a light and hear a sound. I thought, it would be cool if I could record my voice and make that the sound. Maybe put sounds in of other things he knows.No clue how to do that. haha But, the internet will tell me.

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