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  • Double-sided PCBs With a Laser Cutter

    Lasers are cool, for sure, but you can buy a desktop mechanical milling machine from LPKF that can do much smaller spaces/traces than this example, for under $10K. They also have a pretty incredible line of lasers called the Protolasers that do this directly without any chemical etching required - the laser ablates the metal directly from the CAD data. Search "protolaser" on YouTube, or go to their website at It may be beyond most hobby budgets, but they make some really nice stuff for commercial use.

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  • Custom PCB Prototyping Using a Laser Cutter

    I can see a lot of confusion and misinformation in the below comments section. Power is not nearly as critical as the wavelength of the laser you are using. Lasers discriminate. For instance, it doesn't matter how much power you have on a CO2 laser - it just won't cut copper. A UV (355nm) or Green (533) and even near IR (1064nm is common) CAN cut copper. As some have mentioned in the comments below, take a look at the Protolasers from LPKF Laser & Electronics (they have various wavelengths optimized for different substrates and applications). If you search YouTube for Protolaser, you will find several video demonstrations. It's actually quite impressive what they can do.

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