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  • jj34indy commented on pilx's instructable Floating Dock with Barrels (UPDATED)3 years ago
    Floating Dock with Barrels (UPDATED)

    We built this using the published plan but increased the size to 12X12. Used 8 barrels for stability. Used 2X8's with 2X6 interior stringers for strength. The 2X4's are then angled to better fit the barrels and also fit within the 2X8's with little overhang. The L brackets had to be bent to also secure to the 2X6's. I did not build the ramp as it will be tethered to my new dock when not moved to the middle. With the 8 barrels, two of us can walk around on it with very little movement. I still need to trim the deck boards, add the ladder and cleats and anchor but I'm calling it a success.

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