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  • jslollar commented on Tom Gellatly's instructable Camp for FREE in National Forests3 years ago
    Camp for FREE in National Forests

    All of this information, wildfire: pack-in pack-out: etc. is online. You're already here so click away and read. The point Tom is graciously making here is "DO IT". Use the Park Rangers and the great resource that they can provide. These are great people with a vast amount of information they are willing to share. Ask them about their favorite camping spots, you won't be disappointed. Once you do this you will be hooked for life. I'm one of those "did it" and "going to do it". I did it with my parents and family growing up, thanks dad. I did it with my spouse and children. I'm going to do it with my grandchildren when they are old enough. Thank you Tom for a great inspirational idea and the helpful tips.

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