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  • Well done! Both the article style and the project.Now, the way these projects usually work out for me, is that once the "basic" version is done, and feasibility has been proven, I go out and buy a second set of parts for the "enhanced" version. So, get that solar panel, LiIon power pack, Arduino wifi shield, etc, on order and let's see the next iteration!(also a Nikon user -- let's see some star photos from the Outback to illustrate the next project!)

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  • Pallets are an excellent source of cheap hardwood. Not the slats, but the lengthwise pieces. Pull the nails and you have two or three hardwood 2x4'sI have a worktable I made out of some 10 ft pallets that were used to ship sheets of solid surfacing for a kitchen fabricator.

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  • ka1axy commented on ClanMan's instructable Solar Water Heater for Pool

    Could you comment on what kept you from doubling the number of vertical pipes? Seems you'd want as much collector area as possible.

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