One thing i am very greatful for after many years i have found my Family from my Mothers side, Most of them belong to Bandidos MC, I have found so many of my 1st, 2nd,ect Cousins and Uncles that i have not seen since i was very young, I am VERY proud of that, "i have a VERY , VERY, BIG family !!!!!' and i love then ALL dearly
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    Curly/korker Hair Bows

    After i wrap the dowels with the ribbon i sray the dowel with a light starch spray before i bake the dowels, it gives the curl better form and it last longer.

    Before you bake them lightly spray each dowel with a light starch spray. This helps the curl keep its shape

    After you tie the pieces together take your ponytail and loop it around the gathered pieces eith with a small slip knot

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