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  • wow, doing print making in college now, just done lino printing.

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  • rosie had a bee in her ear, whe couldn't put toothpaste in her ear though so we put bicarbonate of soda on it instead.

    yes fair point but try using a dictionary to translate this:saigo no yuki if you can't translate this phrase let me know. oh it's Japanese btw

    what on earth are you talking about? If I tried this with bocchan, I'd get bitten. she had a loose tooth about 9 years ago and I tried to pull it out for her. I had her teeth marks in my hand for days. anyway, I have to keep my toothbrush and toiletries in my bedroom otherwise I find that bocchan uses them.


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  • nice, i will look for this app myself, then I can scan my drawings and could possibly post one to show you? planning on drawing a manga style fan art of my favorite singer-songwriter who recently joined X4 in 2014. his name is Yuya Matsushita. His name means 'a hundred nights below the pine.' It consists of Yu- hundred, ya- night, and Matsushita- below the pine. It is a beautiful name in my opinion and Tia' san offended me and possibly Yuya with her unrepeatable comment about his name.

    that is useful. can you get any apps that allow photo scanning for a Mikona tablet? and does this work for tablets too, or just phones? and just to ask, what does your username mean?

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  • kengamine commented on 陳亮's instructable ATtiny85 Ring Watch

    how complex, but really impressive

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  • kengamine commented on Mrballeng's instructable Crystal Ring

    wow. a neat and simple gift for a friend, because everyone knows that homemade gifts are worth more than the most expensive shop bought gifts.

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  • kengamine commented on Ninzerbean's instructable No More Roaches

    useful, I wish some told me ages ago.i was cleaning the toilets in a bar part time and I found hundreds of cockroaches there and a dead rat in the toilet itself.eww

    I heard some where, and I'm not sure it is true, but some roaches can covered their bodies in oil, and anything that sticks to them gets washed of by the oil. I also learnt some stuff about the kumo(spider).they do a similar thing, and that none of these can win against a sasori (scorpion) not that you'd want a sasori in the house from the same source.

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  • I had chewinggum in my hair once and we used ice and viegar to remove it , so his is a nice smelling way to remove it thanks

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