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  • kleptomarek commented on vivid-and-trivial's instructable Plague Doctor Mask3 years ago
    Plague Doctor Mask

    Hey, thanks a lot for the tutorial! This really helped me out.I used the templates by Adriaan Dippenaar, he 's got a blog on the web where I downloaded the files.I used 2mm craft foam and covered it with faux leather. Then I used as little glue as I could to attach the pieces to each other and hand-stitched them with black thread.For the eyes I cut my old sports trousers, it's some sort of mesh. It's quite easy to look through when wearing the mask but from "the other side" with a little more distance you can't really see through it.Unfortunately I'm wearing glasses, I didn't consider that when working on this. It's quite uncomfortable to wear the mask with glasses underneath, but I think I'll get over it... :-)Thanks again for the tutorial!Greetings from Germany

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