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  • kyjere commented on pmet's instructable Mini Staple Cessna-17220 days ago
    Mini Staple Cessna-172

    Glad this project is still on here. I needed items for my boys Christmas advent calendar. Tested them out, very surprise at how well they fly! (I had to curve the wings the other way than instructed to go far) FYI: if you have cats, beware. First one was destroyed on initial takeoff by a usually lazy cat.

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  • kyjere made the instructable Raw Meat Rice Krispies6 weeks ago
    Raw Meat Rice Krispies

    TY so much for this! It was big hit. Every detail you provided was awesome - I used that blood recipe on every dish. My tip is to use two pam-sprayed spoons and scoop it into the trays and try to form it some. It seemed to work best if I let it sit about 5 minutes in the tray then use my "pam sprayed" fingers to gently form it. Million times thanks!!

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