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  • DIY Non Contact IR Thermometer V1.0

    Too monstrous for what? It mounts on a wall, you don't carry it around. You sound like someone who has no experience in trying to design and build a first pass at a product. The point of this product is not how it looks, but rather what it does. Lighten up on the flames, please.

    Super cool! I've been working with ESP32's using the Arduino platform, and since the ESP32 has WiFi and some low power sleep and hibernate modes, I wonder if it could be used for giving your battery powered device WiFi so it could push data to the internet.Thank you very much for posting this build!

    When you get that working, I would love to see your code. I've been fooling around using Firebase to communicate between an ESP8266 (or better, an ESP32) and an Android cellphone app. The ESP writes data to, and reads commands from the database. The Android app reads that data or writes commands to the ESP. I've got the code for the cell phone going, but the code I had working previously on the ESP8266 stopped working (library changes, I think) and I haven't completed the full loop, and other projects came up. It seems like it would be a neat way to communicate between objects w/o having to have a lot of coupling (knowing about the other) between them and easily supporting many ESP devices and phones at the same time.

    Check out the TTGO that integrates a nice little color display on top of an ESP32. I bought a few off Amazon and am happy that I don't have mess with interfacing and mounting the two. The price is up to $18 on Amazon, I think I paid $14. Not the direction I like to see for electronics. Similar to the ESP-WROVER-KIT from Espressif which used to be ~$35 and well worth it for the nice display, however I don't see it on Amazon and Adafruit has it at $50 which still isn't bad for a one-off (considering the hours I spend building each project, the money for my 3D printer (actually two), or the collection of "hot" laptops over the years, or the $50 I spend to fill up my car my car, ... :).

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  • lbeck37 commented on Rehaan33's instructable Plastic Brick Compressor
    Plastic Brick Compressor

    Very cool. I like the idea that this might be a prototype for a machine making multiple bricks at a time. It does seem that it would take a lot of plastic and might work better in a larger community. It's too bad that the purpose of your project was taken the wrong way. I understood (as an engineering student once myself) that coming up with a good idea for a project like yours is hard and coming up with the problem being solved can sometimes be just as hard! Great idea and execution. Yours is one of the clearest written and illustrated Instructable that I have seen in a long time. Good work!

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