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  • Mead is from yeast eating the sugar and producing alcohol.Other kinds of fermentation use bacteria (and sometimes molds) - altogether different beasties. Kimchi and sauerkraut ferment primarily form lactic-acid bacteria.Yeasts and molds are in the kingdom of Fungi, they are eukayotes (have organelles even if only single-celled).Bacteria are smaller and are a different branch of the biological family - prokaryotes, no internal organelles.

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  • I was going to do something like this, but when tested quite a few of the old windows I had access to had been painted with lead-based paint, and I obviously didn't want that in my vegetable garden. Trying to safely remove flaking old, lead-based paint is actually quite hazardous, not something I would undertake (especially since I was hoping to get pregnant at the time, and regularly had small children in my yard.)It even turned out one small section of yard was contaminated from a previous owner just dumping old materials when some repairs were made, but we were able to scape up the bad soil and replace it with better topsoil.

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