Although I run a small design-build firm in DC, my hobby is also...designing and building. Cardboard furniture experiments not only inform my designs in wood, they tone my "right" brain in ways that no other design activity can.

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  • Easy Cardboard Shelves

    I like where you’re going with that. I applied poly to one bookcase and a friend painted hers purple (latex paint). A coating will make the surface more durable and in a sense stronger, so you should experiment, it’s only cardboard, it pales in comparison to all of the trash and “recycling” we do every week.

    Solvent and/or oil based coatings like shellac and oil based polyurethane will give you better results. Water based will work, especially starting with a thin coating. The surface will soak up water and expand, resulting in a wavy or dimpled appearance.

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  • Easy Cardboard Shelves

    Glad you enjoyed it :)Fun to see someone make this ten years later.

    No but that is a good idea. Wish I had more time for this.

    That looks so good with the lights!

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  • Looks great! I'm glad to see the screws worked well...must be the washers you used. Actually I like it better with screws/bolts now for that industrial look. Great comedic value. Enjoy!

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