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  • lookitsash commented on chobbs1957's instructable Lawnmower Utility Trailer2 years ago
    Lawnmower Utility Trailer

    This is a really nice trailer, it gave me a lot of ideas for my own. Thanks for the design! Check out my blog post with all the details on my build at It's a lot smaller than this one, but it shares some of the construction elements.

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  • lookitsash commented on NathanaelScheffler's instructable Build Your Own Storage Shed!2 years ago
    Build Your Own Storage Shed!

    I used these designs for inspiration for my current back yard shed. I did a lot of research before choosing one. If you've never built a shed before from scratch, it can be a little daunting, especially if its a larger shed. I also documented my whole process from the laying the foundation to putting the last nail on the shingles. Here's the link for you to my blog post: luck with your build! It was a lot of fun for me, and a huge wow factor to impress your friends ;)

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  • lookitsash commented on WorkBoots09's instructable Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench2 years ago
    Wall-Mounted Folding Workbench

    Nice design, I used it as inspiration for my folding workbench setup in my garage. I used floating supports, instead of legs though. You can read all about my project on my blog post at I did bevel the table top edges for a professional looking finish though. Table top is super heavy, but the floating supports easily hold the weight. I also used small gate bolts to lock the swinging supports in place, in case i accidentally knocked one in with my knee.

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  • lookitsash commented on Reigncloud's instructable Make a cheap fold-down workbench2 years ago
    Make a cheap fold-down workbench

    I made a very similar design for my garage. I adjusted mine though so the legs were floating and served as supports for the table, instead of touching the ground. You can read more about it on my blog post I also beveled my table top edges for a real nice finish

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  • The best RAIN BARREL for less than $15, and where to find a barrel

    This is a nice design. My wife and I started a garden recently and was inspired by this barrel to create one of our own. Read our blog post about it at

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