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  • Thanks for the explanation. I will keep it in mind for my next projects...

    I like to see pics as well, at the moment it's a rolling chassis and a bare body in the backyard for welding-repairs.

    I used to buy my materials at a local hardwareshop. There is no choice about the kind of resin, i did't know there we more species... Thank you for the link to fibreglast. That will prevent me from disappointment next time i want to make something out of fibreglass.

    Yes, i know the Lomax but don't like it. The 'car' i like to built would be my own design, like the KOZMO-guy in this instructable. I want more than just the choice of color and what kind of mirrors en rearlights to use... The threewheeled-design is to come over many reglations, it would be registered as motorcycle if i keep the weight below 400 kg. Motorcyles are not restricted by so many regulations as a car.

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  • The dream of every boy: To built your own car and drive around in it. However, in most countries it's impossible to do so because there are so many regulations. To get it licensed in my country, The Netherlands, would require a miracle. But... It's a dream of me also to built my own roadlegal vehicle. I am more thinking about a single-seater reverse trike, powered by a Citroen 2cv engine. But first i have to finish my current project, the restoration of a 1969 Triumph Spitfire Mk3. Great job Tomasz, keep up the good work!

    The foam melted away when it came in contact with the resin. Yes, i found out the hard way... :-(

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