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  • lucasparker commented on sgfidlin's instructable How to Make a Candle Wick3 years ago
    How to Make a Candle Wick

    You can recycle bacon grease into candles. Strain your used grease (while warm in liquid form) through a paper towel placed in a rice strainer into a pan. Add some wax (you can use the remnants of used candles, ideally unscented to retrain the bacon smell) and heat on low stirring gently until the bacon grease and was combines. Pour this mixture into a recycled container (pickle jar, can, or any metal/glass container) and then insert your wick. Lay a pencil or chopstick across the opening of the container and tie the wick to it. This will keep the wick straight while the wax/grease solidifies. Once it's solid untie the wick (carefully without pulling it out of the candle) and cut it to an ideal length. The wicks described in this instructable would work great in this application.

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