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  • HC-12 Distance Problems and the 'FIX'

    I can't remember the precise condition before the fix. I think my voltage was not 3.3V and there was no connection between the 2 endpoints of the components.

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  • lukie80 commented on oldmaninSC's instructable HC-12 Distance Problems
    HC-12 Distance Problems

    Somebody found a way to fix those faulty modules. Helmut Jahrstorfer on has written, that those boards have a missing trace on the board. He says, that 3.3V must be measured at a specific point. If not you have to manually add a connection between two resistors. See picture.

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  • lukie80 commented on bobyong808's instructable Phone GPS Repair

    I'm confused. According to the official S4 manual the GPS antenna should be located at the other (left) side. I only have a "S4 active" and if I cover the upper left corner with a metal box GPS signal drops, If I cover the right side GPS signal keeps unchanged. So in my case the manual is confirmed. Any ideas?

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