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  • mad hatter503 commented on 32Tudor's instructable How to fix cloudy headlights3 years ago
    How to fix cloudy headlights

    Headlight design was deregulated years ago, allowing them to be styled to the body, rather than just the rectangular or round lights of the past. Glass would be a better choice, but more expensive and heavier than polycarbonate. PC is strong, but reactive to ultraviolet. 16oz = 1 lb... Lighter cars get better fuel economy!

    Bug spray can be used first to remove any yellowing of the lens. Then use wet sandpaper, 400 first if the lens is very cloudy, 600 grit for most lenses. Use plenty of water and vary the direction of your sanding, side to side for 1 minute, then up and down. Also, use a clear paint that has UV protection. Also, check the bulbs, as they lose brightness over time. Replace with a better illuminating bulb...

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