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  • mary.wauck commented on flavrt's instructable Polyethylene Kitchen Helpers3 years ago
    Polyethylene Kitchen Helpers

    Thank, I'm handicapped & the zip lock holder is something enough use alot.

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  • MASLOW: an Open WiFi Detector with ESP8266

    I used to live making useful gadgets. I have Essential-tremors which have made it impossible to make anything like this. You have no idea how lucky you are. Keep making them, & hopefully you'll find something to copyright & make $$. I used to make the walkers that you can sit on, 25 years ago&I should have had it copyrighted. Check this out if it's already copyrighted or not. FYI ;The wish site has a lot of electronic pieces, but it comes from China and its like play roulette, but a cpu, resistors, switches etcc. Should be ok to buy from them.

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